What age should the first orthodontic evaluation be done?

7. By age 7, most children have enough permanent teeth for an orthodontist to effectively evaluate any orthodontic condition.

Do I need a referral from a pediatric dentist to schedule an orthodontic appointment?

No. Call 843.818.KIDS (5437) or email us here. At Coastal Kids Dental & Braces, our pediatric dentists conveniently work in the same office as our orthodontist.

Will my teeth straighten out as they grow?

No. The available space for front teeth does not increase as you grow. For the majority, the available space for front teeth decreases once permanent molars erupt.

Will I need to have teeth removed?

Every person is different. The goals of orthodontics are straight teeth and a balanced facial profile. Sometimes, but not always, tooth extraction is necessary to achieve these goals.

How long will treatment take?

Treatment time depends on your unique needs. Generally, treatment lasts 12-30 months. Every patient is different, but the average time in braces is about 22 months.

How much will it cost? Are there financing options? What about my insurance?

We will provide an exact cost for your orthodontic treatment after we have examined you. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and individualized in-house payment plans. Financing is available through CareCredit. We will review your insurance policy to help you maximize your benefits and properly file claims.

How often will I have appointments?

While everyone is different, most patients in braces are seen every 5-10 weeks.

Do you have after-school appointments?

We do our best to accommodate your schedule, but unfortunately, we cannot schedule all appointments for after-school. Since most appointments are 5 to 10 weeks apart, your child will miss minimal school. We are also open until 6 one day a month.

Can I drop-off my child for their appointment?

Yes. We know you're busy! We do ask parents to check-in with their patient manager first since we may need to speak with you when you return for pick-up.

Do braces hurt?

Generally, no. Because the truth is - it doesn't have to hurt to work! After certain visits, teeth may be sore, which can be relieved with Advil or Tylenol.

Can I go back to school after my appointment?

Absolutely. There is no reason to miss school because of an orthodontic appointment.

Do you give shots?

No. Shots are not necessary in orthodontic treatment.

Do you use recycled braces?

No way! We believe that every patient needs their own unique braces to achieve their own unique goals.

Can I play sports with braces?

Yes. But please protect yourself and use a mouth guard for all sports.

Do I need to have my teeth cleaned every 6 months?

Yes! Regular checkups are extremely important while in braces. To save time, we schedule regular cleanings at the same time as your orthodontic appointment since our dentists and orthodontists work in one location.

Is there anything I can't eat?

Yes. Avoiding ice, hard candy, raw vegetables and sticky foods, like caramel and taffy, can prevent most orthodontic emergencies like broken braces. Once you get your braces, we'll give you a complete list of foods to avoid.

How often should I brush my teeth?

Brush your teeth at least four times each day after each meal and before bed. We will show you how to floss with braces and, if necessary, may give you a fluoride prescription.

What constitutes an emergency with braces?

If your braces are causing extreme pain or if something breaks, contact us immediately. If you have an emergency after hours, call (843) 818-KIDS (5437) and leave a message on our emergency voicemail. Please speak clearly and leave the best number to reach you. Our on-call team member will contact you as soon as possible. Read more about what to do in a braces emergency here.

Can orthodontic correction occur with baby teeth?

If the problems are significant enough, then yes. If a child is not ready, we'll monitor their growth and development until it's the right time to begin treatment.

What is Phase One Treatment?

Phase One Treatment is typically for children ages 7-10 and lasts 12-21 months. Phase One Treatment addresses significant problems before they become severe and to raise self-esteem.

Will my child need full braces if they have Phase One Treatment?

The safe assumption is yes. The period following Phase One Treatment is the "resting period," during which growth and tooth eruption will be closely monitored by your orthodontist.

I have crowns and missing teeth. Can I still get braces?

Yes. A tooth with a crown moves just like a tooth with a simple filling. With missing teeth, orthodontic treatment will help align the remaining teeth.

Why choose an orthodontic specialist?

What's more important than your face? Teeth, and sometimes entire facial structures, can be permanently changed with orthodontic treatment. It is critically important that your treatment be appropriate and properly executed by an orthodontist with extensive specialized training.