We want every patient to leave their first orthodontic visit with a clear understanding of their needs, what their treatment will entail, and its length and approximate cost. If you provide your insurance information prior to your initial appointment, we can present all of your payment options at the time of your first visit.

We encourage parents to stay with their child during the first visit and discuss any concerns directly with the orthodontist. First visits last 30-60 minutes and cover:

  • Whether there is a condition that orthodontics can address.
  • When treatment should start - now or after more growth or tooth eruption.
  • The length, cost and specific course of treatment.
  • Payment options.

Questions about orthodontics? Please, don't hesitate to contact us. We love to help new patients take the first steps toward a beautiful smile! Call (843) 818-KIDS (5437) or email us at info@CoastalKidsDental.com. New or returning patients can schedule your appointment here.